Laverne Cox in InStyle, 2014

Hey everyone I have picked the winner for the binder giveaway, sorry if you didn’t win, I really do wish I had more to give away. :/ 

Holy shit I have never been more itchy in my entire life. Wouldn’t have made it without suretypething scratching me and putting anti-itch cream on me. What a hero.

Hey everyone, I’m feeling a bit more lucid today so I will try to get this binder giveaway started. I’m only down to one binder at this point, because I promised someone in desperate need that they could have the other one. Here is a link to the original post if anyone needs to double check the sizing/model of the binder:

Rules: Just favorite this post if you want to be entered and I will randomly select one of you to receive the binder. By 8pm PST tonight (10/16/2014) the giveaway will end. ***Make sure you have an ask box on your page so I can message you if you win, if you don’t I will have to select someone else.

Good luck you guys!

Made it out of surgery. My chest is crazy sore, but I am super stoked because it is so flat. :D. I’ll post some post op pics once I get the drains out and all that gross stuff.